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Explore all that the Amazon has to offer in this one of a kind river adventure.


If you want a different kind of holidaying experience, this one’s for you! Clamber aboard a riverboat and experience the Amazon is style. The food on board is authentic and provides a delicious window into local culture. But of course foods not the most important part of the trip (or is it?), but just an added aspect of this exploration. You’ll be led by an Amazon Reserve Naturalist guide, who will take you on daily excursions by motorized skiff; where with any luck you’ll spot sloths, toucans, pink dolphins and many other animals that call the amazon rainforest home.

Two full days of exploration in Pacaya Samira Reserve are also included in this exploration, on which you will have the ability to experience the jungle up close. You’ll gain a rare glimpse of how the river is essential to all the people and animals inhabiting it, and be able to fully immerse yourself in the whole adventure.
Other highlights of the trip include excursions to see the giant Victoria Regia water lilies, meeting a local shaman in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, pirana fishing in dugout canoes with locals and cooking lessons on the Maranon River, touring the port of Nauta, a small town where the Ucayali and Maranon Rivers meet, and finally exploring the city of Iquitos.

So go ahead and explore Peru- at £1069 per person for nine days, this is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed. Visit GAP Adventures below for more information and to book!

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