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Fact File:
Duration: 15 days
Price: £1,285 GBP




Explore the often missed Albania in this exciting adventure.

From the sparkling Adriatic coast, over the Ionian Sea and across the central highlands of mainland Greece, join an adventure from arguably the most beautiful city in Croatia to the ancient metropolis of Athens. Along the way, stop to bask on pristine Montenegrin beaches, explore the historic towns and cities of undiscovered Albania and travel back in time in Corfu’s evocative Old Town – this trip is an Albanian Adventure to remember.

Days 1-2 Dubrovnik
Admire the terracotta roofs and ancient ramparts of Dubrovnik, Croatia’s ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. Walk along the city walls and take in glorious vistas over the azure coastline.

Day 3 Ulcinj
Learn how the sands of Velika Plaza, the longest continuous stretch of beach in Montenegro, are believed to hold potent healing powers.

Days 4-5 Tirana
Discover Albania’s compact capital on an orientation walk. Absorb Turkish and Italian influences in the city of Tirana and head to the Et’hem Bey Mosque to admire intricate frescoes. Perhaps get adventurous on a rafting or hiking excursion, or take a more relaxed approach with an afternoon sojourn through the National History Museum.

Days 6-7 Berat
Travel to Berat, one of the oldest cities in the country and better known to Albanians as the ‘City of a Thousand Windows’. Discover an incredible concentration of historical buildings, including a crumbling castle and fortress.

Days 8-9 Gjirokastra
Step back in time in Gjirokastra, a perfectly preserved Ottoman town. Get a glimpse of the region’s tumultuous past on a visit to the magnificent citadel and be sure to amble through the 17th-century bazaar.

Days 10-11 Saranda
Venture to Saranda, a lively seaside town full of Mediterranean-flavoured cafes and bars, and the gateway to the beautiful Albanian Riviera. Head out to explore the ruins of Butrint and stop by the delightful Blue Eye Spring.

Days 12-13 Corfu
Descend upon the world-renowned islands of Greece. Corfu offers a World Heritage-listed Old Town and miles of scenic coastline. Stroll along the elegant Liston and delve into the myths of ancient Greece with a trip to the Archaeological Museum.

Days 14-15 Athens
Travel to Athens, Greece’s 3,400-year-old metropolis, where the Albanian Adventure ends. Be sure to try Greek souvlaki and to visit the Parthenon for impressive city panoramas.

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