29/06/11 The RCMP

The RCMP, the guys in the iconic beige flat brimmed hats, red tunics and jodhpurs were […]

25/06/11 Canoeing in Manitoba

Exploring a traditional view of Canada we kayaked in the wilderness, but nothing prepared us for […]

22/06/11 Ice Hockey..

Ex-NFL champion Reggie Leach teaches Charley how to play ice hockey, before he’s smacked down. Another […]

21/06/11 Wreck Diving at Fathom Five

Charley and Russ started off in a chaotic mess on the surface nearly abandoning the dive, […]

15/06/11 Dirt Biking

The forests of Canada are alive not just with the whine of mosquitoes but with motorbikes […]

13/06/11 Lobster Fishing

A 3:30 am start but what a beautiful dawn. Then 9 hours of bringing in nearly […]

12/06/11 Exploring the Titanic History

It was a very emotional experience seeing the place where well over a hundred souls were […]

09/06/11 Sailing with Icebergs

Literally hours after this picture was taken this iceberg broke in two but not before we […]