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Oh Canada. What a wonderful country. In 2011 Charley Boorman and Russ Malkin travelled from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, British Columbia for adventure TV series ‘Extreme Frontiers: Canada.’ The series was supported by Channel 5 and well received by fans.

Whilst in Canada Charley and Russ took part in such adventures as potholing in Vancouver, Ice Hockey with NHL legend Reggie Leach, and a survival course in the Yukon. The diversity of these activities speak for the huge range of adventures you can take part in, in Canada.
With a diverse cultural heritage, and excellent food and beverage industry, popular city destinations, and wilderness, Canada is truly a multi level holiday experience.

Some of our other favourite Canada adventures are ‘Volunteering with Whales’ and ‘Backpacking in the Rockies.’ Be sure to check them out on the site.

Our Amazing Adventures:

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29/06/11 The RCMP

The RCMP, the guys in the iconic beige flat brimmed hats, red tunics and jodhpurs were […]

Backpacking in the Rockies

      Fact File: Duration: 4 days Price: 585 GBP     Hike through the […]

25/06/11 Canoeing in Manitoba

Exploring a traditional view of Canada we kayaked in the wilderness, but nothing prepared us for […]

22/06/11 Ice Hockey..

Ex-NFL champion Reggie Leach teaches Charley how to play ice hockey, before he’s smacked down. Another […]

21/06/11 Wreck Diving at Fathom Five

Charley and Russ started off in a chaotic mess on the surface nearly abandoning the dive, […]

Protect the Whales and Otters of British Columbia

      Fact File: Duration: TBC Cost: TBC       Take part in an […]

15/06/11 Dirt Biking

The forests of Canada are alive not just with the whine of mosquitoes but with motorbikes […]

13/06/11 Lobster Fishing

A 3:30 am start but what a beautiful dawn. Then 9 hours of bringing in nearly […]

12/06/11 Exploring the Titanic History

It was a very emotional experience seeing the place where well over a hundred souls were […]

09/06/11 Sailing with Icebergs

Literally hours after this picture was taken this iceberg broke in two but not before we […]

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