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Brazil is South America’s biggest country, and full of an eclectic mix of attractions and opportunities. The size, climate and natural resources of Brazil make it a land of diverse geography, and home to a very large species of natural wildlife.

Torn between a city getaway and the wilderness? Brazil has both. You can chose to live it up in Rio, or escape to the Amazon Basin. With so much to offer, there really is something for everyone in this beautiful country.

Some of our favourite adventures are ‘Best of Brazil, ‘Canoe the Amazon Basin’, and ‘Buenas Aires to Rio Unplugged.’ Check them out on the site.

Our Amazing Adventures:

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Agua y Salars

      Fact File: Duration: 17 Days Cost: Rider US$ 6,990 and Co-Rider US$4,990   […]

Atlantic to Altiplano

      Fact File: Duration: 27 Days Cost: Rider US$ 9,990 and Co-Rider US$ 6,990 […]

South American Coast to Coast

    Fact File: Duration: 42 days Cost: Rider GBP £9,656.41 and Co-Rider GBP £7,079.65   […]

Best of Brazil

      Fact File: Duration:14 Days Cost:Rider US$ 5990 Co-Rider US$ 4200       […]

Los Andes

      Fact File: Duration:23 Days Cost: Rider: US$7990 and Co-Rider US$5490       […]

Canoe the Amazon River basin

    Fact File: Duration: 40 days Price: 4200 GBP       This river expedition […]

Buenos Aires to Rio Unplugged

      Fact File: Duration: 17 Days Price: 2300 AUD       From the […]

Surfing the Pororoca

    Fact File: Duration: Customised. Price: Customised.       Surf potentially the largest wave […]

Wildlife spotting in the Pantanal

    Fact File: Duration: Customisable Price: Customisable     Discover one of Brazil’s hidden gems. […]

Dive the Abismo Anhumas

  Fact File: Duration: 2 hours Price: TBC     Take part in this extraordinary diving […]

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