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One of the most rewarding ways to enjoy an adventure is to give something back to the community you have visited and oneway to do this is through the many schemes which allow you to volunteer abroad.

From building houses for the world’s most vulnerable people to helping out with animals, from teaching English abroad to helping countries establish a better tourist infrastructure there is a volunteering scheme out there which will help you use your individual skills to make a huge difference to people’s lives. What’s more, you’ll also have an amazing adventure and meet some amazing people. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

Our Amazing Adventures:

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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

  Fact File: Duration: 15 days Price: £1,250 GBP minimum contribution       Help restore […]

Grevy’s Zebra in Samburu

    Fact File: Duration: 13 days Price: £2,300 GBP minimum contribution       Experience […]

South Africa’s Scavengers

          Fact File: Duration: 12 days Price: £2,300 GBP minimum contribution   […]

The Mud Olympics

      Fact File: Duration: Customisable Cost: Customisable       Mud, mud glorious mud…. […]

Malaysia Orangutan Experience

      Fact File: Duration: 30 Days Price: £1549 GBP       Care for […]

South African Lion Cub Experience

      Fact File: Duration: 15 Days Price: £1099 GBP       Witness the […]

Volunteer with Vietnam Orphans

      Fact File: Duration: 7 Days Price: £699 GBP       Take part […]

Madagascar North Coast adventure holiday

      Fact File: Duration: 14 days Cost: £2,295       Madagascar is a […]

Shark Conservation in Belize

    Fact File: Duration: 8 days Cost: $2595 USD     Help to protect nature’s […]

Project Manta

    Fact File: Duration: 8 days Cost: £2,995 USD       Take part in […]

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