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Wherever you are in the world there is a good chance you will be near some amazing destinations for trekking, and this is one of the reasons that it makes an excellent adventure – it is so accessible. However, if you really want to stretch yourself there are treks that will push you to the very limit, whether because of the fierce heat or because of the altitude, there is a challenge out there for everyone.

We think the best treks combine a great challenge with amazing scenery, and often a fantastic achievement once you reach the end and these are the type of trek we have here for you to sample.

Our Amazing Adventures:

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Backpacking in the Rockies

      Fact File: Duration: 4 days Price: 585 GBP     Hike through the […]

Turquoise Glacier Backpacking

      Fact File: Duration: 10 days Price: 2,221 GBP       Camping in […]

Hiking in Yosemite

      Fact File: Duration: 8 days Price: 1,864 GBP       Hike in […]

Canoe the Cuyabeno River

      Fact File: Duration: 5 days Price: 213 GBP       Hike in […]

Trek the Torres del Paine

        Fact File: Duration: 7 days Price: 1,414 GBP       Hike […]

Hike the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu

        Fact File: Duration: 5 days Price: 400 GBP       It’s […]

Trek the Inca Trail

      Fact File: Duration: 4 days Price: 461 GBP       Walk among […]

Explore Manu National Park

      Fact File: Duration: 7-9 days Cost: 853-934 GBP.       Head deep […]

Trek to Mt Kenya

  Fact File: Duration: 5 days Cost: 657 GBP     Follow the stunning Sirimon route […]

Trek to Makalu Base Camp and Glacier Camp

      Fact File: Duration: Customised Cost: Customised.       Tackle a monster of […]

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