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Horse Riding

For centuries the horse was the only effective means of transport over long distances, but since the Industrial Revolution these beasts have become a tool for fun more than work. The feeling of trotting around the countryside taking in the scenery is unbeatable.

For those who want a slightly more hardcore adventure, while retaining authenticity there is the opportunity to learn the ropes with some of the world’s few remaining cowboys. Whether you experience this in Guyana or Australia the result is the same – an epic adventure.

Our Amazing Adventures:

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Argentina Adventure

      Fact File: Duration: 8 days Price: 1,700 GBP         Rafting […]

Horse riding in the Ecuadorian Andes

      Fact File: Duration: 2-5 days Cost: TBC This is a real adventure for […]

Go to Jackaroo school

      Fact File: Duration: 11 days Price: 616 GBP       Learn all the […]

Horse Riding and Camping in Banff

      Fact File: Duration: 6 days Price: 851 GBP       Get a […]

Horseback ride across Easter Island

      Fact File: Duration: Customised. Cost: Customised.       Horse ride the amazing […]

Rocky Mountain Adrenaline High

      Fact File: Duration: 21 Days Price: £1339 GBP       Take part […]

The Saga Rides

    Fact File Duration: Customised. Cost: Customised.       Forest horse riding tours from […]

Skeble Mountain Tour

    Fact File Duration: Customised. Cost: Customised.       A mountain adventure riding tour […]

Argentine Polo Escape

      Fact File: Duration: 8 days Price: TBC       Mix with the […]

Ride with the vaqueros of Guyana

  Fact File: Duration: Customisable Price: Customisable     Explore the wilderness of Guyana with working […]

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