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If understanding the culture of a country is a great part of any adventure, then experiencing the food of a country is an excellent way of getting to grips with that culture. Whether it’s the trying the bushtucker of the Australian outback or hunting for a country’s traditional ingredient, they are all great adventures that revolve around food.

Anyone who has a great appetite for adventure, simply has to have a look at these great edible adventures. Go on, tuck in!

Our Amazing Adventures:

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Discover Puglia

  Fact File: Duration: 9 days Price: £995       Explore the stunning Puglia with […]

Tuscan Highlights

        Fact File: Duration: 7 days Cost: 1,019 GBP       Be […]

Italy Experience

      Fact File: Duration: 15 days Cost: 2,568 GBP       Glide through […]

New England Food Tour

    Fact File: Duration: Customised. Cost: Customised.     Discover the amazing all American food […]


    Fact File: Duration: Customised. Cost: Customised.       The world’s ultimate beer festival […]

Eating Deadly Blowfish in Japan

      Fact File: Duration: Customised Cost: Customised       We bring you news […]

Sample Casu Marzu, Sardinina

      Fact File: Duration: Customisable Cost: Customisable       Maggot infested cheese- how can […]

Drink Fox Dung Coffee in Vietnam

      Fact File: Duration: Customisable Cost: Expensive       Are you tough enough […]

Eat the strangest dishes of Thailand

  Fact File: Duration: Customised. Price: Customised.       Can you handle congealed pig’s blood or […]

Eat the National Dish of Iceland

    Fact File: Duration: Customisable Cost: Customisable       Are you tough enough to […]

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