Big Earth Eccentric


Some adventures are easy to categorise as driving, water-based or snow, others are not, these we call simply ‘eccentric’ and they are a collection of some weird and wonderful adventures that are possible to take part in around the world.

Whether it’s experiencing some of the world’s most unusual food, adding your own quirky take on a classic adventure or some plain off the wall suggestions this is the palce to find the adventure to get your pulse-racing. Jumping off a bridge, searching for Sherlock Holmes? We know the people who can make it happen.

Our Amazing Adventures:

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Eating Deadly Blowfish in Japan

      Fact File: Duration: Customised Cost: Customised       We bring you news […]

Drink Fox Dung Coffee in Vietnam

      Fact File: Duration: Customisable Cost: Expensive       Are you tough enough […]

Eat the strangest dishes of Thailand

  Fact File: Duration: Customised. Price: Customised.       Can you handle congealed pig’s blood or […]

Eat the National Dish of Iceland

    Fact File: Duration: Customisable Cost: Customisable       Are you tough enough to […]

Day of the Jackal

    Fact File: Duration: 2 hours Cost: TBC       Learn the ropes of […]

Escape and Evasion

  Fact File: Duration: 1 day Price: TBC       Experience the fear and excitement […]

Secrets of the Spy

Fact File: Duration: 1 day Price: TBC       Spend a day in the life […]

Heroes of Telemark

    Fact File: Duration: 4 days Price: TBC       Follow in the footsteps […]

Bushcraft courses in the Lake District

      Fact File: Duration: 2 days Price: 225 GBP       From making […]

Wild food foraging course in Cornwall

      Fact File: Duration: 2 days Price: 140 GBP       Forget what […]

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