Big Earth Climbing


It’s no wonder so many people are drawn to climbing, the elation that comes from conquering a peak, that few others would consider attempting, let alone completing, is a huge high. Standing at the top of a peak knowing only a small number of people have ever stood where you are, and seen the view you can see is an amazing experience.

Of course, it helps that most of the amazing destinations for climbing are located in jaw-droppingly gorgeous locations. Areas such as Italy’s Dolomites, the majestic Himalayas or the stunning mountains of Colorado just beg to be explored.

Our Amazing Adventures:

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Trek the Torres del Paine

        Fact File: Duration: 7 days Price: 1,414 GBP       Hike […]

Hike the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu

        Fact File: Duration: 5 days Price: 400 GBP       It’s […]

Trek to Makalu Base Camp and Glacier Camp

      Fact File: Duration: Customised Cost: Customised.       Tackle a monster of […]

Trek to Mt Kenya

      Fact File: Duration: 5 days Price: 644 GBP       Follow the […]

Discover Karelia

      Fact File: Duration: Customised. Cost: Customised.       A haven for climbers, […]

Rocky Mountain Adrenaline High

      Fact File: Duration: 21 Days Price: £1339 GBP       Take part […]

Mount Nyiru Hike

    Fact File Duration: Customised. Cost: Customised.       Tackle this mountainous adventure in […]

Mount Kulal Hike

    Fact File Duration: Customised. Cost: Customised.       Tackle a plethora of terrains […]

Mount Kulal Traverse

      Fact File: Duration: 6 days Price: TBC       Explore the extinct […]

The White Desert

      Fact File: Duration: 10 days Cost: TBC       Explore one of […]

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