Kiteboard Maui’s North Shore

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Fact File:
Duration: 1 intro class
Price: 120 GBP



This is an adventure for serious Kiteboarders only.

Maui’s North Shore is the Mecca for serious Kiteboarders, to such an extent that is here the Red Bull competition is held. While many of the best places to learn are areas where the waves are manageable and the winds steady. Hookipa Beach contradicts all of these and that is precisely why it’s the beach where wavesport maestros come to show off their skills.

With 25-knot winds and waves which can reach double the height of a mast if you can stay on your board you are guaranteed to get some incredible air time and an opportunity to travel at some incredible speeds, all in a day’s work for the adrenalin junkie. The spectacle is so great that kiteboarders are reminded to obey federal aviation regulations – if that’s not an indication of the fun they have, then we’re not sure what is. If you’re not a seriously advanced boarder we recommend sitting back and enjoying the show as some of the world’s most proficient put their skills to the test.

If you don’t want to simply lay back and watch the pros, then the place for you is Kanaha Beach. Seven miles to the west the conditions could not be more different, an offshore slows the waves and the side-shore breeze blows you back into land. It is ideal for beginners and indeed no previous experience is required to learn the ropes on this beach. Spend a few days here learning the art of kiting, and hopefully someday you’ll be back on Hookipa showing off what you’ve learned!

Contact Action Sports Maui for lessons, rentals, and sobering advice. An intro class is $199.

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