Walking Annapurna

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Fact File:
Duration: 5 days
Date: All year, June to August is monsoon season.
Price: From 450 GBP

Embark on this challenging yet rewarding adventure through one of the most remote regions on the planet. Annapurna is a beautiful section of the Himalayas in northern-central Nepal. This truly is a gem of a place to visit. Explore the rocky terrain on foot, then through lush green forests, wildflowers and plants in abundance. From floral beauty to snowy peaks the vast array of life here has so much to offer. And what better way to experience it than trekking through the region itself, embarking on a journey through the wonder of nature.

On day 1 you will visit Pokhara. Walk through the alpine meadows of this lush green area. Across fields and through forests you will come to the Modi River. Across the river continue through small hilltop villages and on to the small village of Yangjakot. Stay overnight here and enjoy the customs and authentic atmosphere of a traditional home.

annapurna trek

An early start and we’re ready to beginning two days of trekking. Pass rural hillside villages accompanied by the sound of flowing rivers and fresh ice-cold mountain water, surrounded by the breathtaking spectacle that is the Annapurnas. Hike up a steep ancient stone staircase ambling past more lush greenery heading to Siklis. This village embodies the typical Nepalese culture, watch the rituals of everyday life here, our resting spot for tonight.

Facing the woodland now and on through grassland, the journey is filled with natural wonders. Even more still, as we tread towards a vantage-point for breathtaking views. Stay here a while and take in the spectacular scenery before descending through wild orchids and mossy forestland to the remote Ghalegaun for a homestay.

The last day of this Nepalese trekking adventure, catching a glimpse of the snowy peaks cutting through the forest canopy. You will head to Bhurjung Khola part of the mighty Seti River, and then back to Pokhara. Spend your free time exploring this lovely town set against the beautiful mountains. Pokhara has a very relaxed slow-paced atmosphere. Perfect for unwinding after walking Annapurna.

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