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Follow in the footsteps of the Roman legionnaires

The story of Hadrian’s Wall is well known. A huge stone fortification built by the Romans under the rule of the emperor Hadrian to keep the unruly Scots at bay. The wall is now a well signed walk across the north of England from Bolness-on-Solway on the west coast to the old Roman fort of Segedenum in a Newcastle suburb.

When you start the walk it feels as if the planners must have picked the route to make sure the legionnaires had a good view. It winds its way across the stunning rolling countryside of Northern England. Although the wall has crumbled considerably in the nearly 2000 years it has been standing, the history still feels remarkably fresh. It is easy to imagine Roman soldiers used to the heat of the Mediterranean on watch shivering as they patrol the northernmost outpost of the Roman Empire.

The walk can be split into chunks, some spend a week walking the entire length while others concentrate onto the most picturesque middle section, but whichever part you choose the history, terrain and views make this one of the best walking trips in the UK. The wall is maintained well to prevent it getting further damaged but it has not been covered with signs and guardrails meaning the fundamental feel of the wall has been maintained, which is one of the most important things when preserving historical structures.

Hadrian’s Wall Country has all the information you’ll need to walk the wall.

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