Trekking Mount Kenya

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Trekking Mount Kenya

Fact File:
Duration: 6 days
Price: From GBP 899

Travel from Nairobi to Africa’s second tallest mountain, and ascend to 4,985m/16,355ft on Mt Kenya’s Point Lenana. Hike through bamboo forests, across high altitude landscapes covered with beautiful plant life. Witness rare animals in their natural habitat and spend the nights in tranquil cliffside camps.

Leaving the city early to make pace to Mountain Rock Lodge. A calm start to the trek ahead of you, take a walk around the now well known Mau Mau Caves. These were once the hideout of freedom fighters during the Mau Mau uprising of 1952 to 1960.

Day 2 and the trekking really begins! Get to grips with the vast forest of towering bamboo and rosewood, looking out for the beautiful vibrantly coloured birds perched throughout the treetops. You might even have a close encounter with some of the monkeys that live here.

Trekking Mau Mau Cave Kenya

The next day brings steep terrain and fields of giant heather. Crossing this moorland at high altitude brings a challenging step to the trip. Nonetheless extremely rewarding, it’s possible you may see zebras, and eland, not to mention the spectacular views over the Burguret Valley. When you finally reach camp, set up near incredible lava cliffs ready to continue the adventure tomorrow.

Look out for the circling buzzards and eagles as you pass through stunning rich moorland on the ascent to Hausberg Col. Take in the incredible views here before the dissension to Shipton’s Camp sporting panoramic views of the region’s peaks.

Day 5 is an early start, rising before dawn to reach Mt Kenya’s Point Lenana by sunrise – it’s worth the early start, and what an achievement. You have reached the highest point of your trek! A perfect time to reflect on the journey you’ve undertaken before heading on to Old Moses Camp for a long day of walking. Descend to the foot of Mt. Kenya and return to Nairobi with the rest of your group to celebrate the great journey you have been on.

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