Hike to see Rwanda’s mountain gorillas

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Fact File:
Duration: 15 days
Price: £740 GBP




Meet a creature that has entranced explorers for hundreds of years.

The Virunga Mountains are world-renowned for their gorilla population; it was here that Diane Fossey carried out her project to protect the gorillas, a project largely responsible for their survival to this day. It is impossible to meet these animals and not be moved, their behaviour is so similar to that of mankind, the mothers and their children sit round and stare at you like any curious human child would.

The adventure begins just finding these great creatures, starting off at just below 2,000 metres you must hike through the jungle for another 1,000 vertical metres before you start coming across the colonies. The visits are strictly controlled to prevent poaching and from us passing illnesses on to them which could threaten the species’ very survival. Time slots must be organised months in advance, but don’t imagine this is touristy, it’s as far from a zoo as possible, these are wild animals.

Visits are limited to an hour, and once that is up you’re dragged away from this intimate wildlife experience, back to reality. If you ever get the chance to visit the mountain gorillas you would be crazy to turn it down

We recommend Intrepid Travel if you want to visit the gorillas, they offer 15-day itineraries starting at £740 per person.

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