Hike the Muliwai Trail

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Duration: 1 day
Price:  30 GBP



Explore the Hawaii islands by foot. Can you conquer every trail?

Hawaii’s islands are a paradise for hikers, a he number of trails criss-cross the island offering great ways to see the amazing geology which is a trademark of the volcanic islands. As with all hiking routes the difficulty varies with levels to suit any level, though as with most things in life, the more effort the trail takes the more spectacular the reward.

The state’s toughest hike is the Muliwau trail at 18 miles but is also the most rewarding linking valleys and a lonely black-sand beach on the Big Island. The trail starts out in Waipio Valley winding its way along the coast through steep ascents and descents until it reaches its finishing point at Waimanu Valley.

To gain the most enjoyment from the trail we recommend you do a bit of research or travel with a guide who will be able to point our the amazing flora and fauna that you will undoubtedly spot. The animal life is one of area’s major draws with the area around the trail also renowned for the potential hunting opportunities.

Get Information: Prepare your hiking route. Maps and directions are available through this website. If using a trail not shown on this site or map links, or want more information, contact trail staff via the “Contact” portion of the website.

Inform others: Tell someone of your hiking plans including the trail name, location, and your estimated time of return.

Assess your capabilities: Be aware of your physical limitations, skills, and energy levels.

Check the weather forecast for the day: If a storm is forecasted, consider hiking on another day – or select trails in dryer areas.

Carry a small pack with water: with some basic first aid materials, energy snacks, cell phone, and plastic garbage bag (for either collecting rubbish or to use as a rain gear).

Wear sturdy and comfortable shoes with good traction: This will make the hike fun for everyone, and improve your hiking skill and safety.

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