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Track down a great adventure on Dartmoor

Adventures can take many forms, from adrenalin-fuelled extreme sports to exploring a cultural paradise to following in the footsteps of a literary or historical hero and it was with the latter in mind that we recommend setting out across Dartmoor to follow the events of Sherlock Holmes’ classic case of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

The key to this adventure is getting caught up in the story, and with the ease of pcking out the features Conan Doyle is writing about that is an easy task. We recommend starting out in Princeton where the writer himself was staying when he decided to base the book in this isolated part of the country. First we advise visiting the prison, from which the book’s convict escaped, itself. It imposing even now, when it houses non-violent criminals, with the granite walls looming high over the moor.

After this it’s time to head out onto the moor in search of the Grimpen Mire (based on the Fox Tor Mire) and the tin mines and collapsed bronze age dwellings which further influence the book. The sites are easy to find and after camping overnight and waking in an eerie mist it is easy to see why Conan Doyle based his book in this spooky wilderness. In reality the Holmes connection is an excuse to visit this, one of the wildest parts of England. To plan your trip contact The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

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