Become a citizen of the Banda Islands

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Take part in the ultimate citizenship test.

It’s recognised that the isolated Banda Islands are so beautiful that many people have no desire to leave. To make this possible you have to complete the challenge to become an honorary citizen of Banda. Now since this is in may ways paradise it’s not a simple challenge, and it makes for a great adventure.

First you must cross from Banda Neira to Gunung Api, which is entirely taken by an active volcano, from here you must climb the volcano, it rises 660m straight out of the sea, and then swim back across to Banda Neira. If you complete this, you are classed as an honorary citizen and can marry, buy a house and settle down in this paradise, you’ll certainly be tempted.

Apart from this unique adventure, the islands are the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life. The combination of jungle-covered volcanoes, crystal clear blue waters and reefs perfect for diving make this as close to paradise as you can get.
Book your flights with Manado Safari Tours who can also arrange details or contact Dive Happy.

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