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Put a new spin on this classic adventure.

The Three Peaks challenge is the classic test for British hill-walkers; climbing the highest mountain of Scotland, England and Wales, all within 24 hours, with no breaks included for sleeping, eating, or driving between the mountains. The mountains may be minnows in comparison to the great peaks of the world, but the tight time schedule, the driving and having to do all three makes this an epic adventure and one you don’t have to travel round the world to experience.

We recommend starting in Scotland with Ben Nevis, the tallest and most remote of the mountains before heading to Scafell Pike in England and then finishing at Snowden in Wales. Success and failure in this adventure often hinges on having a support crew who can drive you between the mountains and maybe even have food waiting for you to eat on the journey.

The mountains themselves are not technically difficult, the hardest part is definitely motivating yourself to start the early morning climb after a few hours of sleep snatched on the move and after already completing at least one climb. A real battle of mind against matter.

However, as with all adventures, there is no rule saying you have to do it this way, we recommend trying to get between all the peaks by tuk tuk to add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the challenge, with a top speed of 40mph you won’t be able to complete them all in 24 hours, but you can take a couple of extra days and really enjoy the experience, after all, that’s what it is all about.

Tuk tuks can be bought for about £4,000 new from TukTuk UK who specialist in importing authentic Indian rickshaws.

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