The Darien Gap

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This could well be the most dangerous journey in the world.

The Pan-American Highway, an amazing feat of engineering, a ribbon of tarmac stretching 29,800 miles, the entire length of the Americas. The entire length that is, apart from a small section of dense rainforest and swamp in the middle, the Darien Gap. The reasons no road has been built are multiple, the rainforest is so dense, the swamps are almost impassable and the area is full of paramilitary groups partial to taking hostages in their ongoing war wth the Colombian government.

Most travellers simply fly over the gap, but it is possible, just, to cross by land. The first expedition to do this was in 1959 when a group spent 136 days covering the 100 miles, a heart-wrenching average speed of just 201 metres per hour. Since then a few tourists have made it through the gap, usually through a combination of bike, foot and paying local indigenous tribes to take them along parts of the water in their boats.

This is an epic adventure due to it’s difficulty but also due to the sheer danger, kidnappings are reasonably regular, and while most are released the tragic case of three missionaries who were killed in 1993 sticks in the mind.

This is certainly a great adventure, but one that certainly shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

Out Back of Beyondis a website set up by people who have achieved it, and a great place to ask questions.

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