Heliskiing in the Midnight Sun

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Explore the Swedish wilderness in the Midnight Sun.

The midnight sun is a fantastically evocative sight, the sun hanging low in the sky, turning the snow pink, it’s as if the short period as the sun just dips below the horizon were drawn out for hours. It’s a beautiful sight and one we never get bored of. Quite the opposite of the 24 hour darkness that the Arctic circle is known to suffer from, this 24 hour constant light seems to be full of hope and adventure. It is definately one of the Arctic’s greatest sights, and one you must make time to see. Even if you just make a snowman or snow angel, it is absolutely worth it. However if you are into more adventurous proceedings then read on…

One of the many benefits of this eternal light is that the skiing is open almost all night. Helicopters can fly and drop you off in some almost unreachable spots for an amazing night’s skiing. The guides and pilots have around 100 peaks to choose from and, as there are so few people this far North, the Riksgransen resort is 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle, there are almost no restrictions on where you can go. This is a welcome change from heliskiing in heavily populated regions where it is far harder to go where you want.

This vast choice means you’re almost certain to be completely alone enjoying pristine slopes and that view, not a soul in sight, and just the company of endless peaks, glaciers and the occasional reindeer. With everything from mellow cruising runs to hardcore slopes there’s a level for everyone to enjoy this amazing adventure.

Lodging Information:

The Hotel Meteorologen run by Patrik Stromsten and Robert Gustafsson offers the highest standard of accommodation in Riksgransen. With just fourteen small but well-appointed rooms the ‘hotel’ is relaxed, warm and friendly; and is the perfect place to unwind after a day’s heli skiing the Arctic powder.

One of the highlights of staying at the Meteorologen is undoubtedly the influence of esteemed sommelier and restaurateur Patrik Stromsten who will ensure that sensational dining experiences are an integral part of your heli ski adventure in Sweden’s great white north.

Located within a few seconds walk is the main Riksgransen Hotel – the hub of resort activity. Here you will find the excellent spa complete with sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and most importantly, a team of highly trained massage therapists to ease those ski-weary muscles. The hotel is also the centre for apres ski entertainment with a bar, restaurant and night club.

Elemental Adventures can organise heliskiing packages or use Visit Riksgransen (www.riksgransen.nu) for more information.

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