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Skiing the Himalayas will leave you on top of the world.

Think of skiing destinations and first to come to mind are the traditional hotspots of Europe and North America but resorts area growing in a wide range of destinations, you can now ski in places as disparate as Chile and Morocco, but for sheer size and views we think you’d have to try pretty hard to beat the experience of skiing in the world’s tallest mountain range, the Himalayas.

For decades Kashmir has been off-limits to travellers as China, India and Pakistan dispute who has claims to the region and her fertile valleys, but in recent years it is building a reputation as the ultimate skiing destination and it’s easy to see why. Described by the 17th century Mughal Emperor Jahangir as paradise the skiing resort of Gulmarg grew up initially as an escape for British army officers and civil servants to hunt, flee the heat and play golf.

Indian tourists flock here for their first glimpse of snow and international tourists are here for the world’s highest ski lift; it extends to an altitude of 3,979m. Once up there is a feast for experienced skiers, none of the slopes are groomed into pistes, and only one area is monitored for avalanche risks, but with the right experience and a guide the skiing is unmatched.

Steep sections are combined with dense forest of enormous Himalayan pines, you ski past monkeys in the trees, the tracks of snow leopards and then back to the village where you can eat curry for lunch. This truly is a step up from the Alps.

Visit Mountain Tracks to organise your own Kashmiri skiing adventure.

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