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Test yourself on one of the world’s most famous motorbike circuits.

For all fans of motorbikes, and especially of racing, the TT course on the Isle of Man is an almost mythical destination. All bikers have grown up watching the race and wishing they could take part.

Amazingly this road race, which is still held on the public roads can be experienced by anyone, no special license, no qualification needed, and there is still no speed limit. The official races take place over two weeks and the middle Sunday is called ‘Mad Sunday’ and is when the amateurs are allowed out to race the circuit. If you’re anything like us at Big Earth this is one of your ultimate fantasies achieved!

The chance to test your skills and bike against one of the world’s toughest and most famous courses is one bikers have a hard time resisting as is clear when you ride onto the ferry in Liverpool to make your way across. The camaraderie among the riders is amazing, everyone goes around checking the machines out of others and comparing notes on how quickly they want to complete the course, the professionals manage to hit speeds of 200mph and average 130mph around the 37-mile course.

Watching the race is thrilling enough, but after the speed of the pros has whet your appetite the crowds are ready to go out and do it themselves. This is one adventure no biker should avoid.

Visit the official Isle of Man TT website for details on the race.

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