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Take to the air in an incredible microlight plane.

Microlighting is an amazing experience wherever you are, suspended above the landscape in a flimsy craft, total freedom to explore the skies, they feel a lot like the motorbikes of the sky, but here, above miles of pristine rainforest, ancient temples and the thatched roofs far below it is possibly one of the most amazing adventures in the world.

The charm of a microlight is their affordability, they have brought the joy of flight to people who otherwise would not have been able to learn to fly a plane, whether due to lack of money, or lack of time to get a full pilot’s license. They also make remote parts of the world far more accessible, they are perfect tools for safari travel, allowing you to get to more remote places and see animals in a natural habitat.

Here in Belize they offer a totally different perspective on the country. Temples which were abandoned and long forgotten rise from the pristine jungle, itself a spectacular sight from above, and rivers and clearings take on an entirely new character. The joy is that with such a light frame you can land almost anywhere and explore, it’s a magical way to explore a region.

Journey Latin America are experts in South and Central America, to book your microlighting adventure.


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