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Take advantage of a cheap and wonderful beach hunt!

The aim of some of these adventures is to show you don’t have to spend a fortune or fly across the world to have a great adventure, or even to feel cut off from the world. For example, here we are going to tell you how to find a great, remote location which is just a few hours from the stress of London.

North Norfolk is full of beautiful seaside towns, and great beaches, but the problem is this is no secret, as soon as the weather improves they get crowded with tourists, and it becomes a nightmare to park and find a space to relax on the beach. It’s not all like this. Hidden among the salt marshes are areas which feel incredibly remote despite only being a couple of miles from a fish and chip shop.

One of these is a hidden beach among the salt marshes near the village of Wells-next-the-Sea. Separeated from the main strip of beach by a deep channel, to get here you must first check the tide tables, as you motor through the marshes the tide must be going out. Finally beaching on the marshes you must get out and walk. The reward for this military operation is Bob Hall Sands, a mile of sand between the dunes and sea it is normally completely deserted.

It feels like the ultimate in solitude, swimming in the deserted sea, building a fire, cooking sausages before laying back to sleep under Norfolk’s enormous skies, which with the lack of light pollution are totally full of stars you could be forgiven for thinking you were far further from civilisation than you actually are.

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