Mountains all the Way




Fact File:
Duration: 9 days
Price: 1299 GBP




Take part in BMW’s most popular biking tour of 2010.

This exciting tour, which promenades through the most exciting, and twisty mountain passages in Europe, is a true fanatics’ tour, following a long path through beautiful landscapes along the best roads and highest peaks.

This tour begins with an overnight ferry taking explorers from Dover to Calais. And once you’ve crossed a hopefully not tumultuous sea the magic happens. From this point on bikers will get to travel through a multitude of incredible destinations including; Dijon and the Jura Mountains in France, Thurn, the Interlaken, the Grimsel, the Simplon, St Moritz, and Corvara in Switzerland, Grossglockner, the Jauffen Pass, and Timmelsjoch, in Austria, Lago Maggiore, Locarno, San Bernardino, the Paso di Resia, the Fuorn and Fluela, and Splugen in Italy, Freiburg, and Trier and the Black Forest in Germany, before heading back to Calais and onwards to England.

Phew. So there you have it. A compelling and extraordinary motor-cycling trip through the most scenic mountain routes of France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. What we like best about this adventure is the opportunity to explore the towns you pass through, and take part in various activities as well as enjoying the thrill of on-the-road life. The tour price is actually very moderate when you consider the fact that it includes both ferry fares, most of the accommodation, back up vehicles and very experienced BMW guides. If you aren’t lucky enough to own a BMW motorcycle, you can easily hire one from BMW, if you bring your own, it must have recently passed an MOT.

To take part in this incredible biking adventure please visit the BMW website for more information and to book. This tour is priced at £1,299 for a single person.