Horse Riding and Camping in Banff

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Duration: 6 days
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Get a feel for the great outdoors and go horse riding and camping in Banff National Park, deep in the Canadian outback.

Deep in the Canadian outback we think Banff National Park is a great location for a horse riding adventure, especially as there is no need for any previous experience to give this a go and explore one of the most beautiful parks in North America.

Banff National Park is the oldest park in Canada, and the second oldest in North America, and offers 2,500 square kilometres of rugged Canadian countryside to explore. The scenery is staggering, serene lakes and ever-present mountains which rise up to dizzying heights are just some of the amazing geological features which make this one of the most amazing bits of our planet.

The park is a great place to be, whether you are trekking, camping, horse riding or a combination of all three you won’t be disappointed. Personally we recommend horse riding though as it allows you to cover more ground and get a more complete picture of the area. Couple this with camping out in the wild overnight and this is one of the best adventures you can have in Canada. For those of us who grew up camping in a slightly damp English field this is three of four steps up and is the perfect way to spend the nights in the national park.

This is the itinerary for the 6 day trip. Shorter stays are possible – please contact Tourdust for more details.

Day 1: The group will meet at 8:30am before being transported by van to the trailhead corral at Mount Norquay. Here you’ll meet your horse and guides for some riding tuition, then mount up for the gentle eleven-mile ride over Elk Lake Summit between Brewster and Cascade Mountains and down into Stoney Creek Camp.

Day 2: Today’s riding will take you towards the headwaters of Stoney Creek, returning to camp for the night. This area is a favourite haunt of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, who are often grazing in the high meadows, with plenty of other wildlife and stunning vistas providing ample photo opportunities.

Day 3: Leaving Stoney Creek after a ranch-style breakfast, you’ll mount up and ride the ten miles to Flint’s Park Camp. This camp, located in the centre of open, grassy ridges topped with high peaks, has become a favourite of many riders. There are hot showers at Flint’s Park, which will be a welcome luxury after a day in the sun!

Day 4: Today is filled with options, with rides leading to Block Mountain, Cuthead Viewpoint and other attractions. There are many activities to get up to in these locations including photography, hiking, swimming and fishing – feel free to spend the day at your leisure with the guides at hand before heading back to camp for a well deserved dinner.

Day 5: The morning will be spent preparing for the epic ride to the Mystic Valley Camp, and you’ll get the chance to observe the historic art of horse packing using the age-old diamond hitch method. With everything securely in place, the group will mount up and ride into Mystic Valley for the final night. It’s traditional to indulge in a mammoth western dinner for the last night – by now everyone will have become good friends and will all be ready for a good knees-up together.

Day 6: Unfortunately every trip has a last day, but what better way to end the trip than with the scenic nine-mile ride from Mystic Valley to the Mount Norquay Corral. On arrival at Norquay the circular tour has been completed, and you’ll return to Banff at approximately 5:00pm.

Horse riding and camping are, we think, the two best ways to experience this park, and in this adventure they are combined to create an uber adventure.

To organise this tour we recommend Tourdust.

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