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A great way to explore the country in one of the most iconic vehicles of the UK.

It is so easy to explore the UK, we have a huge road network, easy access to hotels and campsites, and very few risks, but still it is something very few of us have ever actually done. We search for adventure in far flung parts of the world but have never been to the very north of our own country. Buying a black cab and setting off on your own or with a few friends is the perfect way to rectify this.

The black cab is as much a symbol of Britain as a double-decker bus, afternoon tea or as the yellow cab is of New York. It is therefore a perfect vehicle to explore the country. If this national treasure is good enough for another, Stephen Fry, then it’s certainly good enough for us.

We recommend a circuit travelling to John O’Groats, down to Land’s End and then back to the cab’s spiritual home, London. The journey between the most northerly and southerly points is deeply engrained in the British psyche but the joy of this adventure is that you can go wherever you want, you are in control and this journey will let you see most of what this green and pleasant land has to offer.

This is not a commercially available trip, you will need to do the planning. Used black cabs can be found on eBay.

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