Dive the Abismo Anhumas

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Duration: 2 hours
Price: TBC



Take part in this extraordinary diving adventure.

At Big Earth we find unexpected wonders thrilling and there can be none quite as unexpected as the Abismo Anhumas  (Abyss of the Anhumas region). The unassuming hole in what was former woodland, doesn’t look much on first glance, but as the farmer who discovered it saw, it opens up into a lake the size of a football pitch 72 metres underground.

To get to the lake you have to endure a hair-raising journey down a rope, this is also your only form of escape, and this is one of the reasons the cave is so deserted and such an adventure, even the journey down is enough to push most of us our of our comfort zone.

Once down we recommend taking a few moments to simply absorb the majesty of your location, comparisons are almost pointless, it’s simply stunning, the sheer size is the first thing that hit us, but then you notice the stalactites and the clearness of the water as you explore the surface in a small dinghy.

Then it’s time to get in the water, the cold is shocking at first, but then you acclimatise and can appreciate the amazing spectacle. You can either scuba dive or just snorkel in the cave but we recommend the latter, the water is so clear you can see to the bottom, and to the huge stalagmites, as it is.

After the effort of getting down and with the fitness needed to climb the rope again when you want to move on, it’s wonderful to float on your back in the lake, it’s as if nature had seen a sensory deprivation tank and seen it a challenge to do better. If so we can definitively say, it succeeded.

Tours of the Abismo Anhumas can be organised through Pure Brasil.

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