Delhi to Agra by Enfield Bullet

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Thunder across India on this amazingly engineered bike

There is something about the coming together of machine and location which can take a great adventure to another level altogether. For example, if you’re riding across America it has to be a Harley and in India the same applies with the Enfield Bullet. The Bullet started life in Worcestershire but was taken toheart far more in Asia than it ever was in the UK and by 1995 Enfield India bought the rights to the name Royal Enfield.

The ride from Delhi to Agra is a short dash in terms of length the insane traffic that is everywhere in India makes it a trip of which the beginner should be wary. For an experienced rider the dodging of potholes, trucks and livestock makes for a thrilling experience but for a novice the experience may well be a hellish one. But at least on an Enfield you know that wherever you break down you’ll find someone who will know how to fix your bike.

Once you reach Agra you realise that it would probably be worth going through any kind of ride for the view. If you get to Agra before sunset we recommend heading to the banks of the Yamuna Ruver and watching the sunset over that iconic piece of white marble, the Taj Mahal. The classic Indian motorbike and a classic Indian view coming together in perfect harmony to create a perfect adventure.

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