Night biking

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Fact File:
Duration: 1 night
Price: 10 GBP



Explore the back streets of any major city in the dark of the night.

Big Earth believe mankind can find adventure in the least likely places. It’s not just a case of flying to a remote jungle (though that certainly makes a great adventure) it’s the mindset of adventure, of trying something you’ve never done before or of seeing things you see regularly in a totally new light, or, in the case of night biking through London, a lack of light.

The inspiration behind this adventure was Xavier de Maistre, a French writer who published a book called Journey Around My Bedroom, it is an extreme example of what we are looking for,  the pleasure derived from seeing an ordinary task as an adventure and the changed feelings that provides.

Exploring London in the early hours of the morning, after the last late-night revellers have gone home but before the early rising delivery men are on the roads is an eerie experience, it is reminiscent of horror films, you feel like the last survivor of a zombie outbreak, but it is also dreamlike. The usual landmarks, Westminster Cathedral, the London Eye and Big Ben all take on a completely new character when viewed like this.

The best comparison we can think of is of being given a private tour. You see things you don’t normally see, and you feel privileged at the experience. This is one adventure everyone whether you live in London or not should try.

Since the introduction of TFL’s bike rental scheme you don’t even need your own bike for this, visit Transport for London for details.

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