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Make a difference by volunteering abroad

At Big Earth we’ve always thought the best adventures not only give something to the person taking part, but also give back to the community. Whether it’s taking on a hardcore adventure to raise money for a charity or directly volunteering in the community there are a whole host of ways to make a real difference.

We recommend Habitat for Humanity who run a range of projects across the world. They build homes for some of the poorest people in the world. The labour is only the start of the charity effort. Before they go the volunteer must raise a minimum amount of money, usually between £1,800 and £2,400 to cover food, accommodation, flights and also a donation to a charity

The other bonus of this excellent charity is that it offers the volunteers themselves an unparalleled way of seeing the country. By interacting with local people, staying in the communities and working you will learn far more about the country than you would by simply backpacking through and you get the warm feeling of knowing you’ve helped some of the world’s most vulnerable.

Learn more about Habitat for Humanity below:

Every morning 1.6 billion people wake up in appalling poverty. As a result, their health is poor, they struggle to earn a living, buy food or medicine and often cannot afford to send their children to school.

Poverty housing is the ‘mark’ of poverty and it keeps people poor, dependent and vulnerable, for generation after generation.

Habitat for Humanity believes that enabling everyone to have a safe, decent place to live is catalytic in breaking the cycle of poverty. Everyone has a right to clean water, an education or healthcare, and we believe that they also have a right to a decent place to live. We champion that right, and to make poverty housing a matter for conscience and action.

But we do more than champion rights: We take practical action. We partner with communities in housing need to find appropriate, permanent, long-term solutions to their particular housing issues.

We do this in such a way as to build the capacity and capabilities of each community, so that they are active participants in the solution to their housing problems and not passive recipients of aid. They emerge from the process not just with homes, but with the skills and assets to be able to make further positive community-focused changes in their neighbourhood.

Across communities in over 90 countries including Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Habitat for Humanity has assisted more than 2 million people to renovate, repair or build over 400,000 homes since we were formed in 1976. We invite you to join with us, to be part of the solution to poverty housing.

Visit the Habitat for Humanity website for more information on their projects worldwide.

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