Abbi The Rabbit


Abbi is the country rabbit who moved to the city. She lives with a young couple in the heart of London and she likes nothing better than to chew on a juicy carrot. She lived in her hutch and like many people watches television whilst chewing on her food. She often gets inspired by what she sees to head off on an adventure.

Abbi likes adventure, her motto is:

“Enjoy the world and do some good at the same time “

She heads out of her burrow and with her paws dig dig digging she heads off in search of adventure. Abbi is, it has to be said, a little clumsy. She means well and can be very ingenious but sometimes she just gets carried away. Her heart is in the right place and she is passionate about helping others. Everyone loves her, humans and animals alike. She can talk to other animals to understand what’s troubling them. But when all is said and done Abbi is a home girl and she loves wearily digging back to her home in London to her friends and family with a warm straw bed and of course her juicy carrot.

Abbi The Rabbit in Ethiopia

Helping to deliver peanut butter to the children of Ethiopia

Abbi The Rabbit in Brazil

Helping to save the animals in the Rainforest from Deforestation

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